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Supplying affordable aircraft to CPL flying schools and PPL clubs

Hi we’re Ian Logan and Max Flint. We created G-HIRE after years of hiring and flying tired old club aircraft. We must have spent thousands of pounds hiring planes with INOP stickers, tatty interiors, tired paint and ancient avionics. Pilots deserve better.

G-HIRE is about supplying top quality, well equipped, and affordable aircraft to CPL flying schools and PPL clubs. Flying isn’t cheap, so your customers should expect a high quality aircraft that inspires confidence.

Whether it’s the next generation of airline captains or VFR PPL’s we want your pilots to have the best possible flying experience. We look all over the world for aircraft to supply the UK training and hiring market. We only import the best low hours planes we can find and usually install zero timed engines when they arrive in this country.

We can collect and deliver the aircraft from your base for maintenance and will always aim to minimise downtime to keep your customers in the air.

We are aviation enthusiasts and we want to keep your pilots flying and your business thriving. We can work with you on hourly rates and annual flying hour totals to make sure you have the aircraft and the deal you need. Aviation isn’t easy, so get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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